Home at Last! Home at Last!

We hauled out of Geneva State Park Marina 5:30am! We arrived at CIC a little after 2pm!

Thank goodness for an uneventful final ride! We are tired and Sea turtle is ready for a complete detail! Come see her on Catawba Island!



Stuck in Geneva!

But what a pretty place to be marooned for a few days!

The winds on Lake Erie for the last few days have been out of the west/north west. Which means the water builds up with some pretty strong force by the time it rolls to the east side of the lake. This keeps us in our mooring at Geneva State Park.

Geneva State Park is a beautiful Ohio Park just west of Geneva, OH. There are several walking trails and a large convention center that’s very impressive. This park has large sand beaches and a terrific view!

We ate at the little sandwich shoppe right at the marina. For heavier fare, there are a few restaurants just 1/4 mile from the marina!


Into the Welland Canal

We made it from Oswego, NY to the Welland Canal in 12 hours!

-148 miles…
-200 gallons of fuel…
The Welland Canal connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Traversing the Niagara Peninsula from Port Weller to Port Colborne, it enables boats and ships to ascend and descend the Niagara Escarpment and bypass Niagara Falls.

Lake Erie side of the canal is 326 feet higher than the Lake Ontario side. The canal includes eight 80 ft ship locks. Seven of the locks raise or lower passing ships by between 43 and 49 ft each. It usually takes an average of about eleven hours to traverse the entire length of the Welland Canal. We made it in a record 5 hours!





Lake Ontario


Rain and high water has been the MO for this trip from the east coast!

Today, we head across the Great Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is 32.3 inches above its long-term average for this time of year. Current outflows are equivalent to those measured in high water years of 1993 and 1998.

Today we forge on (at 5am) to Rochester or perhaps the Welland Canal, if the weather holds!

Settled in to Ess-Kay Yards in Brewerton for Fuel and Provisions

A long journey today takes us to Brewerton at the northwest end of beautiful Lake Oneida! the kind folk at Ess-Kay let us use a car to get provisions … the essentials … oil, water, beer!

We also fueled up. The Sea turtle has only drank 300 gallons from Liberty Landing to Brewerton! What great performance. Good job, Sea Turtle!


The locks have been a slow go, however. Only one gate has been open. At times we’ve had only 6″ on either side! From 7am until 11am, we’ve traveled only 20 miles…

Tonight’s we enjoyed fresh perch from Lake Oneida at the Waterfront Tavern! Great place with a huge outdoor patio!


Tomorrow … Heading through the Erie Canal to the end of the locks at the Oswego Canal. (Maybe on to Rochester!)

Over 150 miles of Locks in the Mohawk River!

These warnings for the New York State Canal System have been some of our biggest worries … The currents have been terrible!

  • June 2 – High flows; Oswego Canal; some buoys might come off station
  • June 2 – High Water Levels; <21 ft air draft @Erie Canal Bridges E-12, 14A, 40
  • June 1 – Strong cross current & turbulence; downstream of Erie Canal Locks 8-15
  • June 1 – Ban on rafting: Erie Canal; Fairport/Pittsford; extended thru weekend
  • June 1 – High Water Levels; <21 ft air draft @Erie Canal Bridges E-12 & 14A

What’s worse than strong currents in a canal? Why, losing your bow thruster, of course! The charger for the bow thruster gave out on us. We spent most of the day without it…. Our fearless Captain Dave was quick thinking and visited the hardware store in Amsterdam. He picked up an ordinary car battery charger. We hooked it up, plugged it in with the generator running and we’re squeaking by with a trickle of a charge!

Lake Mohawk

Our pick to eat for tonight …. Shorty’s Southside Tavern! Excellent italian fare and a great waitress!

The Flight of Five

Our journey north from Kingston takes us to Waterford into the Flight of Five!

The Flight of Five are a series of locks that transport ships from the Hudson River to the Cohoes. Transporting Sea Turtle from the salt waters of the Hudson into fresh water. Each lock raises us 15′-25′ . We will spend the next few days of our voyage in the locks with a span of up to 11 miles in between each lock.

Even though the weather has been three days of rain and thunder and we’re getting reports of high water and strong currents, Sea turtle is happily heading on her journey at a giddy-up speed of 7 knots!


In Very Close Proximity!