Over 150 miles of Locks in the Mohawk River!

These warnings for the New York State Canal System have been some of our biggest worries … The currents have been terrible!

  • June 2 – High flows; Oswego Canal; some buoys might come off station
  • June 2 – High Water Levels; <21 ft air draft @Erie Canal Bridges E-12, 14A, 40
  • June 1 – Strong cross current & turbulence; downstream of Erie Canal Locks 8-15
  • June 1 – Ban on rafting: Erie Canal; Fairport/Pittsford; extended thru weekend
  • June 1 – High Water Levels; <21 ft air draft @Erie Canal Bridges E-12 & 14A

What’s worse than strong currents in a canal? Why, losing your bow thruster, of course! The charger for the bow thruster gave out on us. We spent most of the day without it…. Our fearless Captain Dave was quick thinking and visited the hardware store in Amsterdam. He picked up an ordinary car battery charger. We hooked it up, plugged it in with the generator running and we’re squeaking by with a trickle of a charge!

Lake Mohawk

Our pick to eat for tonight …. Shorty’s Southside Tavern! Excellent italian fare and a great waitress!


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